PM Measurement of a two-stage boiler

The goal of this project was to develop a technique to measure the PM produced by a two-stage wood based boiler in an inexpensive manner while still preserving high degree of accuracy. The general idea of this process involved sampling of the exhaust gas using a vacuum pump. A filter paper with a permeability of $2\mu m$ was used to capture PM2.5 present in the exhaust. The sampled data was measured and PM content was presented in per million parts of the exhaust, at different intervals during the operation of the boiler. The results show high water content in the flue gas, as is evident by the water dominated mass of the residue immediately after the sampling. From dry samples, it can be inferred that the highest PM production takes place during the initial few minutes of the exhaust while the least amount of PM is generated near the mid-point of the boiler run time.

PM Mass FractionSoot Content in Exhaust